I swear, I could eat Greek food every day.  I got hungry a couple of hours ago and we didn’t feel like cooking, so we walked to Taverne Bei Dimi.  We got there at just after 1:00.  They have a “pause” in service from 2:00-4:00, so we had gyros and beer, then got out of there.  The very sweet lady who usually takes care of us made sure to tell me they had a new Web site, which I linked above.  I had been linking to their Facebook page, which is also very useful.

There are a few other restaurants near us that I want to try, including a couple that are Michelin rated. But honestly, nothing beats a neighborhood restaurant you can walk to for a quick lunch.  The folks at Taverne Bei Dimi know us and welcome us like family.  I even sang a couple of bars for them!

Bill is starting another course that he has to do work for this week, so we decided not to do anything special today.  I was really in the mood to go to the Mineraltherme, though.  I probably should have gone last week, while he was in Africa.  I could have tried out the naked sauna area.

It’s hot today.  We had to break out the air conditioner again.  Will be so glad when fall comes with a vengeance.


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