Venturing out to dinner on our boring weekend…

Bill finally finished his schoolwork yesterday afternoon at about 4:00.  Neither of us was in any mood to cook, so we decided to walk to our neighborhood Greek restaurant, Dimi’s.  When we entered the place, it was obvious we sort of crashed the end of a birthday party.  There were cake plates set up on a table and all of the tables in the dining room had been set up end to end to form a long table.  Several people were still there, though the party was pretty much over.

The very sweet proprietor, Kiki, welcome Bill and me with a big hug.  Then she and her brother set up a table for us.  It was a little awkward, because it really did feel like we’d crashed a party.  Still, it was pretty obvious Kiki was glad to see us.  She’s become a friend, even though I speak neither Greek nor German.  She does speak some English, though she told me last night my accent is hard to understand.  That’s odd.  I have heard from others that I have a pretty generic American accent.  When I was in Armenia, all the language teachers said I was easy to understand, while the folks from Maine and the Midwest were harder.  Oh well.

We decided to try something different last night.  Bill had swordfish and I had shrimp.

This was a nice change.  It came with a green salad, complete with a pepper and a black olive.  The shrimps were very tasty and not as bad for me as my usual gyros…

Bill enjoyed his swordfish, too.  It wasn’t dry or too dense.  Next time, I might have to get this dish myself.


While we were eating, Kiki turned up “Zorba the Greek”.  The Germans turned up their sports scores.  Someone threw a paper airplane.  Finally, the Germans who had the birthday party cleared out, except for the one guy who was paying.  Kiki had a long discussion with him over the bill and Bill said it was pretty clear the guy was Swabish.  He was counting very precisely.  😉  I don’t know from personal experience, but I have heard it said many places that people from this part of Germany are tight with their money… not unlike the stereotypical Scot.  Being of Scottish ancestry myself, I think I might have skipped the tightwad gene.

After dinner, we enjoyed some retsina.  This was different than the kind we had at Agais (aka The Mad Scientist’s).  His came from a big bottle and was very piney.  Kiki brought us an individual bottle and it was milder.  I liked it.

We finished with a round of Metaxa, which was nice and kind of vanilla-ey, but made me miss Ararat brandy.

The paper airplane…  Very aerodynamic.


This concludes my boring weekend at home.  I am hoping next weekend will be more interesting.  With any luck, Bill will pass this class he just took and get started on the last one…  and then we can start having fun on the weekends again.


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