Practicing German with “The Mad Scientist”…

Last night, Bill and I decided to drive down to Entringen and have dinner at Agais.  If you read this blog regularly, you may know that we used to go to Agais all the time when we lived in Germany the first time.  It was located a few kilometers from our home.  Now that we live in Unterjettingen, it’s not that close.  We still like to go down there, though, and visit “The Mad Scientist”…  He was having a pretty good night last night.  There were two guys in his dining room when we arrived, then another guy and another couple showed up.  We were warmly greeted  by name when we came in and sat down.

I had salmon and Bill had lamb.  It was not my first time having the salmon, but it was Bill’s first time eating lamb at Agais.  He said it was very good.  My salmon was decent, too, and probably healthier than gyros would have been.

Bill’s lamb.  He had a side salad with this.  His salad was smaller than the one that came with my dish.

Salmon with a little olive oil…

Obligatory shot of Bill…

I love the cool phonograph…

While we were sitting there, I asked The Mad Scientist about a sign he had on his wall.  Several years ago, he would have answered me in flawless English.  He told us that he lived in Canada for years and worked as an engineer.  Unfortunately, in the five years since we first lived here, he got sick.  I don’t actually know what was wrong with him, but I’m guessing that he may have had a mild stroke.  He doesn’t move as fast as he used to and I think his English skills have vastly deteriorated.  It’s like he understands English, but can’t really speak it anymore.  So he speaks mostly German to us now.  Fortunately, I understand much of what he says and sometimes I can even answer him.

Anyway, the couple sitting near us were locals who spoke great English.  They translated some of what our old friend said about the sign on the wall.  He had gotten it for preparing food with a certain type of olive oil.

We explained to the other couple that we used to live in the area and, back then, visited all the time.  Then we went back to the States and I missed The Mad Scientist and decent Greek food in general.  So now that we’re back in Germany, even though we live in Unterjettingen, we still come down to see him.  The female half of the German couple said that she likes his food because it doesn’t give her indigestion like other Greek restaurants do.  I thought that was a pretty funny comment.

I think The Mad Scientist had a good night last night, with three tables ordering dinner and Bill and I not ordering our usual gyros.  I even had an extra glass of wine.  I actually wanted retsina, but he either didn’t hear me or didn’t understand.  It’s sad that his health has been declining, but I am glad to see he is still willing and able to run his restaurant.  We always have a good time when we see him.

Today, we have plans to have lunch in Stuttgart.  Stay tuned!


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