Potential vacation idea…

I must thank my German friend, Susanne, for inspiring today’s travel blog post.  She posted the following video in a Facebook group I run.

This video is basically about meditation, albeit expressed in a profane way…

After watching the video, I had a sudden flashback.  Several years ago, I read a very interesting book by John Parkin entitled F*ck It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way.  The book, which was published in 2008, was about learning to let go of petty bullshit and enjoy your life.  I remember being very amused by the book and intrigued when I read that the author, and his Italian wife, Gaia, run weeklong retreats in Italy (and occasionally shorter retreats in London or Ireland).  The retreat they owned when I read the book has apparently been sold.  Now they do weeklong seminars on the island of Stromboli and at a retreat in Urbino.

I had looked into this retreat a few years ago, when we were still stateside.  At the time, it didn’t seem feasible.  Now that we’re in Germany, it’s looking a lot more like Bill and I could do it if we wanted to.  Indeed, Bill and I both could stand to say “fuck it” more often, though I have less of a problem saying it than he does.

I see John and Gaia have a similar video…


As well as one starring their sons…


These retreats are pretty much for adults only.  The mornings include “fuck it” sessions, then after lunch, you’re free to do what you want…  That sounds like my kind of vacation, actually.  Left to my own devices, I tend to want to sit around and people watch.  It’s good when I do things that have some structure.

Looking at the seminar calendar, it appears that John and Gaia only have two retreats scheduled soon.  One is in London next weekend and the other is a long weekend in Ireland next month.  Since we are headed to Scotland in March, neither of these dates will work for us.  If we weren’t going to Scotland, the Ireland retreat might be a possibility.

Even if we don’t do a retreat, I am now intrigued by the Island of Stromboli, where cars are not allowed.  To get there, you go to Naples and catch a ferry.  Sounds like an ideal place to unplug.

It looks like my kind of place.


I usually hate January because it’s kind of a blah time of year.  You’re recovering from the holidays and the year is so new that you forget that it’s changed.  The weather generally sucks.  The only thing good about January and February are the odd long weekends.  As I watch the Fuck It videos, I feel inspired to make some plans.  I don’t know if we’ll get to do one of these retreats later in 2016.. but if we do, I have a feeling it could be a life changing experience for Bill and me.  Aside from that, I relish the idea of getting to tell people I’ve been on a “Fuck It” retreat.  It’s like permission to be profane.

For those who need an app…

Here’s a link to John C. Parkin’s classic book…  he’s also written a few others that I may have to check out.


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