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A pet friendly Columbus Day weekend in France… part five

Ah… Sunday…  It’s usually our rest day.  And it kind of did end up being our rest day, but not before we took two more lengthy walks into Semur En Auxois.  After breakfast, we got up and took another walk into town, this time going the more direct but less scenic route, using the roads.  We had read that there would be a market in the main square and that was what we were aiming for.  The clouds were out, though, and it was chilly.  When we got to the main square, there were a few vendors out with their produce.  I also noticed a well dressed couple standing off to the side.  Upon closer inspection, I saw that they were Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Adding to the excitement was the sound of a loudspeaker.  It reminded me of being in Turkey and hearing calls to prayer.  At first, Bill wondered if we were hearing some kind of sermon.  But no, it turned out there was a race going on.  The city had blocked off a route for the runners who were in the several races held on Sunday.  I swear, the guy announcing on the loudspeaker went non stop for hours.

I thought maybe we’d pick up some produce, but Bill wasn’t feeling it.  So we kept walking through the town and I got more photos.

Beautiful produce, but the market was pretty small.  We kept walking.

The town is just as pretty when it’s cloudy.

We walked down toward the Pont Pinard again.

Zane was fascinated by the water and the many fishing poles left out…

Some horses grazing across the river.  I was happy the boys didn’t notice them.

I saw this old car several times.  I also saw several more like it.

Semur En Auxois is home to ramparts and towers dating from the 7th century… They are very impressive to see.

I grabbed a shot of some kids running in the race that was going on all day Sunday.

Another photo of the charming square.

Pont Pinard on a cloudy day…

Zane liked walking along the river.

After our first walk, we went back to the Tower and Bill went to the store to load up on wine to bring back to Stuttgart.  Supermarkets in Semur En Auxois are open until noon on Sunday, so Bill took advantage.  He said at one point, a local woman was staring at him as he loaded up.  He thought maybe she disapproved of all the wine he was buying, but my guess is that she had him pegged as an outsider.  One thing I loved about this little town was that despite being very attractive, quirky, and French, it’s also quite unspoiled.  We didn’t hear any other Americans among us, though Louise the proprietor at the Hexagonal Tower said that she’d had guests from American bases in Germany at another property she and her husband owned.  I’m not sure if she’s had other Americans in her tower yet.

I read in Trip Advisor that this restaurant is very dog friendly.  It smelled good and I really wanted to try it.  But unfortunately, our pooches were too wound up on Sunday.

Destined to be a Facebook cover photo soon.

A stairway to heaven?  Or perhaps just to the town…

A picture of the viaduct we crossed on Saturday.

At about noon, we decided we wanted to take a walk back into town and attempt lunch.  We brought the dogs, who had been making some progress at restaurants over the summer.  Alas, as we approached one place, a dog off lead approached Zane.  He did fine with her.  They sniffed each other’s butts and I thought we were in the clear.  But then Arran, our more temperamental dog, got all upset and started bugling.  That caused Zane to start barking.  Then the dog off the lead started barking like mad.  A bunch of French folks sitting in a nearby cafe all started laughing at us.  We walked back through the main square in search of a place for lunch, but my mood was a bit spoiled.  We did pass a musician who caught my attention by playing guitar, harmonica, and singing at the same time.  We probably should have bought a CD.

When we walked back through the square, the same dog who had been somewhat chill when she met Zane came back over and bared her teeth.  Arran went apeshit.  Zane also talked back, but Zane’s tone was more of a “Buzz off, bitch!” than Arran’s “I’m going to tear you apart!”  Actually, I doubt Arran would have hurt her.  He’s mostly all bark.  Mostly, I say…

By the time we got back to the tower, I was really tired.  I wanted to use the Internet, too.  So I went up to the bedroom and got online.  A few minutes later, I crashed… HARD.  I slept for a solid two hours.

When I woke up, it was time for copious wine.  We enjoyed local vino and watched France’s version of Supernanny, which turned out to be surprisingly interesting despite the fact that we don’t speak French at all.  Bill also bought some local cheese called Epoisses.  He says it’s fantastic– rich and creamy.  I think it smells like feet.  Since I’m really not a cheese person, I’ll take his word for it.

If you like stinky French cheese, Semur En Auxois is the place for you.  As for me, pass the wine.


I’ll wrap up this series tomorrow.  Now, it’s time for some shut eye in my nice big bed.


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