Celebrating 14 years in Ireland! Part eleven

We’re heading back to Dublin today, where we’ll spend one more night by the airport.  I’m a little sad to be leaving beautiful County Sligo and our lovely little cottage by the sea.  It’s time to go, though.  I miss Zane and Arran and there are things that need to be done in Germany.  If I’m honest, I also miss my king sized bed.

Yesterday, we did decide to stay in and watch the surf as we listened to music and finished off some of the food and beverages we bought for our stay here.  I took many pictures, as you can see.

Around 3:00, we went to the pub next door, had a couple of rounds of beer and a whiskey, and a little bit of food.  Although they had a set menu available, we decided to stick with appetizers.  Bill had spicy chicken wings and vegetable soup.  I had seafood chowder and fried prawns with spicy chili sauce.  It’s not lost on me the significance of the spice…  The spicier the food is, the more you’ll be drinking!

Last night’s menu.  On weekends, the Beach Bar serves food from 1-8, but they stay open until the wee hours of the morning.  We ended up on the restaurant side last night.

Bill checks out the selections.


The dining area is very quaint, like the bar is.  We were told they will be renovating for six months after next weekend.


Rich seafood chowder and fresh, hearty, brown bread.  I will miss this.


Bill’s vegetable soup, which was the soup of the day.


Spicy prawns!


Spicy chicken wings with garlic mayonnaise.


I think our bill came to about 40 euros or so.  On Saturday nights after 10:00, the beach bar has live music.  I wish we were going to be around for that.  I have been itching for some live music since we got here.  At least now we have a reason to come back.

Below are some photos I took.  The weather has cleared up and it’s warmer… just in time for us to leave.  🙁


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