Argentinian steak in downtown Wiesbaden…

Our good luck with the weather continued today, so Bill and I decided to go to Wiesbaden for lunch.  I had noticed an Argentinian steak house when we had lunch downtown a couple of weeks ago, so that’s where we headed.  Lots was going on in Wiesbaden today, including an Easter market and a craft fair.  I didn’t inherit my mom’s gifts for needlework or crafting, so we just cruised through there. I also got a few pictures of the beautiful Evangelical church downtown.  We didn’t enter, because services were going on.

German churches put most American ones to shame.

I was surprised by how crowded this market was.  Lots of people were looking for bargains on sewing materials and fabrics.

Bill got a kick out the sign warning against pickpockets– “Langfinger” (long finger).  I guess that’s one way to describe petty thieves.

They had rides…


Lots of kids and dogs were out and about, enjoying the sunny weather.


You could even get a balloon animal if you wanted one.  A lot of shops were open, as today was a Sunday when businesses could operate.  It was a beautiful day for retail shopping and plenty of people were taking advantage.

And they were also selling/demonstrating cars.  We are about to be in the market for a new set of wheels, but none like the ones on display today.  Incidentally, we did notice that there were Fords for sale.  I remember Trump claimed that Germans don’t sell American cars.  Not true… but a lot of what he says isn’t true.

Casa del Sabor Argentinian Steakhouse is located in sort of a restaurant row.  As I mentioned before, I noticed it when we ate at La Cantinetta a couple of weeks ago.  I wouldn’t have minded having lunch at La Cantinetta again, but I wanted to try someplace new.  Besides, I had a feeling we’d be easily sucked into a big, long meal.  I love long lunches, but we had other things to do today.

Although the sun was shining, we decided to eat inside, because neither of us wore sunscreen or brought sunglasses, and the sun was very intense today.  We had a nice view of Scotch and Soda, a rather popular bar.  We’re going to have to try them next.

Bill decides on lunch.  We both had beer today.

The waiter, who spoke excellent English, brought out very fresh bread and garlic aioli.  Bill loves garlic, so this was a hit with him, especially.  I also enjoyed it, but had to be disciplined about eating too much of it before lunch arrived.  

Bill had grilled chicken with a mango sauce.  It came with rosemary potatoes and onions.  He enjoyed his dish very much…

But I was especially happy with my 200 gram rib eye, which was Argentinian beef.  It was cooked to medium and was excellent.  It’s not often I get steak in Germany, unless I know where the beef comes from.  German beef tends to leave a lot to be desired.  This steak was the real deal from Argentina, and it was outstanding.  

I also got a baked potato with sour cream and garlic.  I don’t usually like sour cream very much, but I did enjoy it today.  I think the garlic helped.

Besides steak and chicken, you can also get burgers, fajitas, and even a couple of vegetarian dishes, as well as fish.  I noticed they had fresh fruit juices, too, and a variety of exotic cocktails and shots.  We were too full to consider having dessert, especially since the place was filling up as we were finishing lunch.  We’d definitely go back.  Next time, I’ll try the fajitas.

Need a haircut?  Wiesbaden’s AVEDA has English speaking stylists and they even take VAT forms!

A Feinkost in downtown Wiesbaden we are going to have to check out.


After lunch, we went by post and bought some gardening supplies, skin cream, and eyeliner.  Then we gassed up and hit the commissary for our monthly stockup on American stuff we can’t live without.  Actually, we buy most of our groceries on the economy, but sometimes we need Cheetos and stuff…

On post, they were warning about DUIs… This car was apparently wrecked while someone was driving drunk.


I almost opted out of the commissary run, but I need to get out more.  I’ve been such a hermit these past few weeks, and it’s time for us to start exploring again like we did last year.


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