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Okay…  well, if you don’t like meat, don’t bother with this post.  If you like a good steak, please read on…

When we first took our house in Unterjettingen, the previous tenants mentioned that there is a fantastic steak house here.  We kinda figured they were talking about Tommi’s Bistro, which is a bar sort of on the main drag.  We didn’t know for certain, though, and we still don’t.  What I do know that is that it’s unlikely there is a better steak joint in this area; and, frankly, we hit the beef jackpot.  Tommi’s is also well known for being a great place for live music.

I am ashamed to admit that we’ve been here since September 2014 and tonight was our first visit to Tommi’s…  Sure, we had eyed the place.  We wanted to visit a couple of months ago.  Shit, we live within walking distance of Tommi’s!  But tonight was the first time we ever visited.  We walked there from our house; it took maybe ten minutes.  We were rewarded with the very best steaks either of us have ever had in Germany.  Given that my husband has been here three times and I have been here twice, not including visits on vacation, that is really saying something.


Tommi’s menu… very unassuming… They have a variety of dry aged steaks from Argentina, in a variety of sizes…  

 Bill checks the menu…


I decided on the 200 gram entrecôte (rib eye).  Bill had a 200 gram rinderfilet (filet mignon).  We both ordered pommes on the side.  Our steaks came with an aperitif of sherry.  There were plenty of other sides to choose from, but we decided to go basic.

It was quite a nice sherry, too…  No extra charge.


My rib-eye was PERFECT.  It was cooked to medium, tender and juicy, just the way I like it; and it was just plain fabulous…


And so was Bill’s filet, though he paid an extra six euros for filet mignon.  He says it was worth every euro penny!

We both had pommes… they were excellent.  Other, healthier sides were available.

Yes, that is a stage.  Tommi’s hosts a lot of live entertainment, especially on Thursday and Saturday nights!  It was pretty quiet tonight, though.


A shot of the bar, right after another couple had left.  When we arrived, one couple was at the bar, one was at a table with their kids, and there were two guys by the window.  We were the last to leave.  It’s a crying shame!

Bill checks out the menu again…

And decides to join me with a glass of wine.  He had filet mignon and fries, plus a beer and a glass of wine.  I had a ribeye and two glasses of wine.  Total bill before tip = 52.80 euros.

We found the service to be as good as the food was.  The bartender/waitress was very kind and pleasant and spoke excellent English.  She was happy to tell us about the music offered at Tommi’s, as well as the good food.  I left the restaurant feeling sad that we’d only just discovered it.  Moreover, the whole time we were there, they were playing songs that were popular when I was a kid.  “Ev’ry Rose Has Its Thorn”, check!  “Purple Rain”, check!  “How Long” by Ace, check!  I was especially excited when they played “The Last Unicorn” by America…  I happen to own the very expensive German import CD soundtrack from that 1982 film (I was ten when it came out)…

Not a good shot of their sign, but…

If you ever find yourself in Unterjettingen, I highly recommend Tommi’s Bistro.  Hell, even if you just really like an excellent steak from Argentina, you should get your ass to this town.  I was very impressed, and I am a woman who knows about meat.  If you are a music fan, you may also want to know about Tommi’s.  And yes, they do have some things on the menu other than meat… but meat is where they really shine.  I was happy to thank the chef on my way out.

Parking may be a challenge.  We did notice what looked like parking near a biergarten, but the one other time we meant to visit, we were skittish about parking…  Fortunately, we live so close that walking is no problem.

We will definitely be back to Tommi’s soon.  If you like beef and want a great steak in Germany, we highly suggest you follow our lead!

4 comments on “Calling all meat lovers…

  1. bacoooooon says:

    Hi Jenny! Sorry for the delay in responding to to Bill's email. Looks like you guys found it! That is the place we were refering to. Best steak in Germany! Next time you go, the beer garden is awesome! Also, there is a Chilean wine that pairs well with the steak. Also, skip the pommes and order the baked potato with krauter butter. YUM. I'm glad you found it!

  2. knotty says:

    Hi there! I almost did get the baked potato, but I only saw it offered with sour cream and I'm not a sour cream fan. Next time, I will pay closer attention. Tomorrow, I will write another review of a place we visited in Tubingen this evening. It was quite a bit fancier, but also delightful!

  3. Susan says:

    We ate at Tommi's tonight and it was WONDERFUL ! Thanks for the recommendation. It was reasonably priced and close to where we live. We will definitely go back.

  4. knotty says:

    Great! I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as we do!

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