Visit number two to Tommi’s Bistro in Unterjettingen…

Since Bill has to go away next week, we decided to have dinner at Tommi’s Bistro again.  The weather was very agreeable.  I didn’t even need a jacket, though I brought one just in case.  Our first stop was at the bank for some euros.  There is a Sparkasse right across the street from Tommi’s.  It even has a handy air pump for those who ride bikes.

Clever ad campaign.

We crossed the street and entered the restaurant where the same bartender/waitress who was working three weeks ago was behind the bar.  She immediately recognized us and gave us a smile as we took a seat.  Not many people were at Tommi’s last night, so the mood was rather relaxed.  I immediately recognized Lou Gramm’s vocals.  It was apparently Foreigner night at Tommi’s, because that was what played on the sound system the entire time we were there.  Given that we’re Americans and everybody else in the restaurant was German, I guess it was appropriate.

Bill ordered a nice bottle of Argentinian wine and some fizzy water.


Naturally, we also ordered steaks.  I decided to go with the three hundred gram dry aged rib-eye from Argentina.  Bill had the three hundred gram rib-eye from Ireland.  We wanted to compare them.  At 21.50 euros, it was a pretty fair deal.  I had pommes (fries) as a side and Bill had the oven baked potato with sour cream.

Before our steaks arrived, we enjoyed a complimentary house shot of sherry.

I mentioned in my last review of Tommi’s that it’s also a music venue.  Next Saturday, a CCR cover band is playing.  I might want to see that, though Saturday is the day Bill returns from his trip.  He might be too tired.

I hear these guys can jam!

If you like pulled pork, you might want to visit Tommi’s April 24-26.  We will be in Vienna during those dates.

My steak from Argentina.  I didn’t bother photographing the fries.  You’ve seen one plate of fries, you’ve seen them all.

Bill’s steak and baked potato.  I did try the baked potato, though I’m not really a sour cream fan.  I like my potatoes plain with butter and salt.  I will admit the baked potato was very good, even with the sour cream.  I might have it next time.


I preferred the Argentinian steak to the Irish one, though both were good.  To me, the Argentinian steak had a different flavor and texture.  It was more tender and had a more appealing flavor.  Unfortunately, I can’t really describe it in words.  Bill agreed, though he enjoyed the Irish beef and would have no issues ordering it again.  I also discovered that the 300 gram size is more than I can handle.  Next time, I’m downsizing.

Dinner was very leisurely.  We finished after a couple of hours and Bill decided to order us a round of Williams pear schnapps.  He has a funny story about pear schnapps that involved underage drinking and a sleazy bartender back in the mid 80s.  Fortunately, last night’s round was more mundane.


The chef came out and greeted everyone.  I don’t think he spoke English, but we were able to thank him and tell him the meal was excellent.  For those who like karaoke, there is a “live karaoke” night on Thursday of this week.  It basically involves singing with a live band, which I would love to do.  I wish Bill would be in town this week, though, because I don’t want to go by myself.  In fact, as I was explaining this to the waitress, I taught her the English slang term “chicken”.  That’s what I am.  Perhaps I’ll get another chance sometime soon. 


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