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Rainy Friday night at Taverne Beim Griechen…

I wanted Greek food last night, but we had a big storm and that would have made walking to our local spot too wet and messy.  We hadn’t been to Taverne Beim Griechen since Mother’s Day, so we decided to go there instead of Taverne Bei Dimi, which is maybe a five minute walk from where we live.  Actually, we could also walk to Taverne Beim Griechen if we wanted to, but it would be more of a hike for us.  I thought about going to Nagold for dinner, but determined that it was easier to go to our local sportsplatz.  Parking is free and easy there.

The restaurant was somewhat quiet when we arrived.  We picked a table and sat down.  A friendly waitress brought us the mineral water and bottle of wine we ordered, along with ouzo…

The red was a new one for us… dry, yet fruity and satisfying.

I gave thought to having Dorade or perhaps the Wolfsbarsch, which I learned is sea bass (yum!).  But Bill wanted to go simple with gyros, so I had my trusty korfu platter.  I have to admit, I think Taverne Beim Griechen’s food is the best Greek in the area where we live, though Dimi’s is also good and closer to get to.  Taverne Beim Griechen also has a bigger menu, though, and is a little better equipped.

My Korfu platter.  I had it with rice last night instead of fries.  The rice was nicely seasoned with tomato.  Bill’s gyros platter looked the same as this did, only without the souflaki.  Unfortunately, as I was easing the meat off the metal stick, a piece shot to the floor.  I picked it up in under five seconds, though.

I think it’s funny that I come to Germany to learn to love Greek food.  I think I could eat it everyday.  There are still a couple of places I want and need to try, including a place in Nagold and one in Vaihingen.  I am never in Vaihingen at the right time of day to enjoy Taverna Olympos.  Oh well… I’ll get there sometime.

I had been craving sweets all day and we had none in our house (for once).  So Bill and I decided on dessert.  We usually don’t bother with it unless we are on vacation or want to waste time.  I’m glad we did last night, ‘cuz yum…

This was mine…  It was called Galaktobureko Eiercreme in Blätterteig und einer Kugel Vanille.  Basically, it was like a dense, spongy, flourless buttery cake with a layer of phyllo on top.  It was lightly drenched in syrup and liberally sprinkled with cinnamon.  The ice cream and whipped cream were a nice touch.  


I really enjoyed the above dessert.  It was delicious.  I won’t lie.  It really hit the spot.

Bill went with vanilla ice cream and warm raspberries with cream…

And we had another house shot of ouzo with the check…

We paid about 54 euros for a very nice meal (topped up to 60 euros with tip).  Once again, I am pleased to recommend Taverne Beim Griechen.  The food is excellent and there’s plenty of room and parking.

I will eventually get to a new restaurant.  In the next town, there is another sportsplatz that is always busy.  They serve German food, but specialize in cakes.  I’ll get there someday…  maybe even next week, while Bill is in Africa.


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