Lambertus on a Sunday afternoon…

Yesterday, as I was booking Martino Kitchen for lunch, I realized that I also wanted to try Lambertus, another well-established Wiesbaden eatery.  I actually had a hard time choosing between the two restaurants, which seemed to be equally esteemed, yet offered very different experiences.  Fortunately, my husband enjoys dining out as much as I do, and he’s very indulgent.  I talked him into a 3:00 pm reservation today.

Lambertus is affiliated with the Kuffler Group, which is a privately owned hospitality company with over twenty restaurants in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, and Munich.  However, when you step inside the place, you can see that there’s a lot of history.  In fact, I read that it used to be called Käfer’s Bistro, and I’m sure it had other names before that.  It’s in the historic Kurhaus and obviously been in use for a long time.

Although we didn’t need do, Bill and I decided to dress for the occasion.  I put on a pretty new dress that I got from Ann Taylor LOFT (a very APO friendly company, by the way) and Bill put on slacks, a dress shirt, and a sweater that matches his vivid blue eyes.  I got a new selfie for Facebook, which is a feat within itself.

The front door.  There’s a nice outdoor area that some people were using.  When the weather permanently warms up, I’m sure it will be very busy!

Wiesbaden is quite the hoity toity town.  Lambertus is right next to Wiesbaden’s famous casino, and maybe a ten minute walk from its famous baths.  I was thinking of going to the baths today, but decided not to… that’s an experience that will happen soon, though.  I am in serious need of naked spa time.

Someone was having a wedding… and a wedding photo shoot.

We were seated by a window, so I got a nice view of downtown Wiesbaden.

Just for us!

Lambertus offers traditional German cuisine, with lots of meat, dumplings, cabbage, and the like.  They do have a few international styled items, too.  Our waitress spoke excellent English.  I got the sense that she might be from Eastern Europe by the way she spoke.  She had an accent that didn’t sound German to me.  She offered excellent and attentive service.  Like a lot of restaurants, this one offers a selection of bread when you sit down, but it comes with Tyrolean ham, so there is a cover charge of 2,90 euros per person.  We opted not to have the bread, but we saw others enjoying it.

I started with a delicious Parmesan soup, which came with bruschetta.  The soup was so good– it reminded me a lot of Alfredo sauce, but in a soup.  This was a vegetarian selection.

Bill had an Indian inspired dish with naan, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and fried bread.  Both dishes were excellent!

For our main course, we opted to have duck for two.  It was a whole duck, carved at the table, and served with dumplings made with pretzel bread, green cabbage, and brown gravy.

Bill in his sweater.  This spot was very sunny and a little crowded, since we were right next to another pair who were close enough that getting up from the table would have been difficult for me.

One thing I love about Lambertus is how beautiful the restaurant is.  It has a very cozy, classic atmosphere, which a nice looking bar area.  There’s also plenty of seating.  Despite the classy atmosphere, this is a very casual restaurant.  You can come as you are.

After a short break after our first course, our waitress carved a whole duck for us on a cart.  We didn’t finish it, so we brought about half home for later.  The duck was beautifully cooked and presented almost like Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanksgiving style turkey is tough to get in these parts (although turkey isn’t).  Maybe next November, we’ll go to the Kurhaus and have this again…  

I really liked the pretzel dumplings.  I don’t usually like Knoedel that much because they’re really heavy, but these were manageable and tasty.  I even liked the cabbage.

Our experience at Lambertus was very relaxed and unhurried.  As we finished the lovely bottle of primitivo and sparkling water we ordered, we decided on dessert.  Of course, they have the damnable lava cakes that are everywhere.  But I decided to have one of the tarts of the day, of which I had a choice of chocolate, rhubarb, apple, or strawberry.  I chose chocolate.  Bill had the “Raspberry”, which was a cream filled puff pastry with raspberry sorbet and raspberry garnishes.  I had some champagne, too.

Bill loved his raspberry dessert.  I think I’d get that next time.

I think this was supposed to come with vanilla ice cream, but I didn’t care that it didn’t in my case.  This was plenty.




Our bill for today’s lunch was 153 euros, which is admittedly pretty steep.  We did have a luxurious lunch, though… and I really need to find a nature trail so I can walk off some of this excessiveness.  One can certainly get in and out of Lambertus for less than what we did.  They have a wide array of dishes available– everything from Chateaubriand and steaks to vegetarian dishes and pasta.  I saw a lot of people coming in just for dessert.  I’m sure we’ll be back, although I think yesterday’s lunch was more impressive.

All dolled up again.  I’m excited, because this isn’t my usual black, blue, or purple dress…

Time for a haircut, though… and maybe a liver cleanse.


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