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Mr. Bill gets rare Indian food on his birthday…

Slow news day here in Wiesbaden? Perhaps…

Yesterday was Bill’s birthday. He wanted Indian food for his birthday dinner. I don’t eat Indian food, as a general rule. A lot of it is too spicy for me, plus there’s a lot of cilantro and cardamom used. Cilantro tastes a little soapy to me. Still, there are some things I can eat, and I trust Bill to know what I like. So he ordered some Indian food from Tandoorian, which is a restaurant located in Wiesbaden Mitte, right across from the Nassauer Hof. Bill visited there with his mom a few months ago, when she visited us. I needed some time to myself, so they went out for lunch together. They were raving about it when they got back home. Little did we know in January that we’d be locked down for weeks on end…

Actually, we could have gone out last night. Germany’s doing alright in terms of the virus. I keep reading news from my American friends and it makes me feel depressed and panicky, even though we’re fortunate enough to live in a place where the sickness isn’t so widespread. God bless Angela Merkel for her excellent handling of the pandemic. She’s been an excellent leader throughout this mess. I wish America could boast similarly good leadership.

Anyway, Bill ordered Tandoori Chicken for me, which is pretty basic grilled chicken pieces that have been marinated for twenty-four hours in yogurt and spices. For himself, he ordered Dhal Makhni, a vegetarian dish made with Indian lentils with butter, fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, cream and fine spices. We also had naan and Garlic Kulcha, which was basically garlic flatbread. Lots of sauces accompanied this feast. I have to admit, it was very good and an interesting change of pace. It wasn’t too expensive, and it was delivered right to our door. We washed it down with a fine Armenian red wine.

Here are some pictures…

I really enjoyed the chicken. The spices were delightful, perhaps because they went so well with being grilled and they were novel to my tastebuds. Like I said, I don’t eat Indian food very often. I have to hand it to Bill… he’s introduced me to all sorts of foods I never ate before we met… stuff like sushi and guacamole and Chinese food. Seriously, I grew up on a bland southern cuisine diet, with a lot of stuff coming from cans and boxes. I got to be a pretty good cook as I came of age and even when I was single, I didn’t use a lot of boxes and cans. But my parents never took me to places with different cuisines, even though they were kind of adventurous themselves. I was a picky eater when I was a kid. I still am, to some extent.

Anyway, Bill had a nice birthday. He worked at home, and besides getting a lot of birthday wishes from his friends, he also got them from a lot of my friends. I think he’s pretty popular among my friends. He kind of balances me out a bit.

Perhaps we’ll pay a visit to Tandoorian sometime soon and try their cuisine in house. It’s getting easier to do that, thanks to “Mutti”. On another note, it’s weird to be an American in the European Union, as Americans are not currently welcome to visit. We are living in very strange times.


Bill’s birthday eve at Luz Bistro in Nagold…

Today is Bill’s 54th birthday.  As far as I know, we don’t have any special plans.  We didn’t have special plans last night, either, but we decided to have dinner at Luz Bistro and Bar in Nagold.  Bill and I have eaten there quite a few times over the past few years.  In fact, I think the staff is starting to think of us as regulars.

The weather was very pleasant when we arrived at the restaurant.  Several people were enjoying the terrace.  We decided to join them.  The restaurant was recommending barbecue style steaks, which I guess is different than the American version.  Bill decided that’s what he wanted to have.  I went with a rib eye and pommes.  We paired it with a bottle of house red, which was apparently commissioned by Marina Hentsch, one of the proprietors.

Both sides of the bottle.  This was a very nice blended German wine, created by Marina Hentsch.  Ms. Hentsch came over to see if we’d ordered and I had a chance to show off my developing German skills when I said, “Sie kommt.”  Our waitress beamed because that’s probably the most German she’s ever heard me speak.

Bill looks goofy as we wait for our steaks and smell cigarette and cigar smoke.

Bill’s barbecue style steak came with a baked potato with sour cream and was topped with bacon, corn, and barbecue sauce.  It was cooked to a perfect medium temperature.  He said the sauce actually had a bit of heat to it, which he loved.

I enjoyed my rib eye, which was just the right size.  It came with a krauterbutter and a chilled garlicky butter that I wasn’t sure if it was intended for the frites or the steak.  I tried it on both.  The beef was tender and perfectly cooked.  It was very good, especially for a German steak.


While we were eating, a sudden rainstorm developed.  We tried to stick it out, but the rain came down harder and we were finally driven inside.  The smokers simply moved to a corner table, where they could be sheltered from the rain and still ogle the young women passing.  I do enjoy this time of year in Germany, when the weather is nice enough for people watching, even if I don’t generally enjoy the month of July for other reasons.

We grabbed the first table by the door leading outside, mainly just to finish our wine and have dessert.  The rain came down for a steady clip, although it had stopped by the time we were finished with dinner. 


I don’t always go for dessert, but since it was Bill’s birthday eve, we decided to splurge.  I had a Schwarzwalderbecher (Black Forest kiss), pictured below…

This was so good!  It was basically a parfait of chocolate mousse and cream flavored with kirschwasser (cherry water) liqueur.  At the bottom was a small piece of chocolate cake and in the middle was a scoop of cherry ice cream.  Although it was kind of pricey at 10,50 euros, it wasn’t too much.

Bill had panna cotta with strawberries.  It, too, was beautifully presented and tasted good.  We are never disappointed at Luz or its more upscale cousin, Alte Post.  


The Alte Post, which is a fantastic feature offered at Luz, is currently closed due to a lack of qualified workers.  Apparently, this is a problem across Germany.  There aren’t enough people to wait tables or do other, similar work.  It’s a shame, since the restaurant got a Michelin star in 2016.  Hopefully, the closure is temporary.  They do still offer the upstairs dining for events.


The total bill came to about 111 euros before the tip.  That’s more than we usually spend on dinners we didn’t plan in advance.  Good thing my student loans will finally be paid off next month!  I think today, we might head into Tuebingen for a bit.  There is a gastro fest going on this weekend that we don’t want to miss.


Birthday boy!

Yesterday was Bill’s birthday.  We decided to go to Buffalo Grill and Bar in Gärtringen.  This was our first time back since April.  I am pleased to note that it looks like business is picking up a bit.  (Edited to add: Buffalo Grill and Bar is now closed.)

When we arrived, the sun was out, but there were some heavy clouds in the distance.  We sat outside anyway.

We ordered another combi-platter, which comes with chicken tenders, chicken wings (not spicy), onion rings, cheese sticks, poppers, and a jalapeno pepper.  It also comes with a nice chive dip and barbecue sauce.  This starter is great for sharing.  My only complaint was that the poppers were lukewarm, like maybe they needed another minute on the heat.

We also ordered small (150 grams) burgers.  I had a bacon cheeseburger and Bill had a spicy burger, which came with jalapeno peppers.  There were plenty of fries, too, and they came with ketchup!  

Just as we were about to tuck in, the sky got decidedly stormy.  The wind picked up and warned us that it was about to rain.  We decided to follow other diners’ lead and moved to the inside dining room.


Bill is happy after finishing his burger.  At this point, the sky was about to open.

The burgers were almost as good as I remembered them from April  I ended up having to eat mine with a knife and fork because it was really messy and the bun was a bit crumbly.  Our waitress spoke German to us the whole time, except for toward the end of our meal, when she spoke perfect English.  We thought that was kind of funny.  Our bill came to less than 40 euros.

We also thought it was funny that a couple of people actually ordered the double cheeseburger.  The large burgers at Buffalo Grill are 300 grams each and a double consists of two large burgers stacked on top of each other.  I really wanted to take a picture of the creation that came out.  Those things were enormous!  Luckily, the two guys who ordered them were rather large fellas who could probably handle such monumental sandwiches.  One guy did look a little sheepish as he tried to figure out how he was going to eat his burger.  Click here for a picture that kind of looks like what I saw last night.  The ones we saw last night looked even bigger than that!

On the way home, I broke out my new camera and took some photos of the amazing sky.

None of these are edited.  The sky in these parts is just amazing.

All in all, we had a nice time last night.  I don’t know if I enjoyed last night’s burger as much as I did the first time I had one at Buffalo Grill, but I do know that their burgers are better than most of the ones I’ve had in Germany so far.  If you’re missing American style burgers, you might want to pay a visit… but keep your expectations in check.


Bill’s birthday…

Yesterday, my husband Bill turned 51.  We decided to go to Taverne Bei Dimi, the local Greek joint , for dinner.  The sweet lady who is usually there was absent last night.  Her brother, the chef, told us she went to Greece.  I hope she’s enjoying herself, despite all the upheaval going on right now.  Despite her absence, we had a good time.  Though there were several people in the smoking area watching TV and gambling, we were the only ones in the dining room.  Bill got a kick out of one lady’s t-shirt.  It said “Math sucks”.  I agree.

Local hefeweizen.  One of these days, we’ll have to visit the brewery, which is near where we live.  Baisinger’s Teufel (devil) Weisse is pretty decent.


We didn’t get too fancy last night.  I decided to have gyros and Bill had souflaki.  Both came with the cabbage salad featured below.  I actually ate the tomato, which I don’t usually do because they usually disappoint me.  Last night’s tomato was quite good!

A windy night in Germany…

My gyros… The fries usually come with cheese.  I was glad when the chef asked if I wanted cheese last night because I’m not a big fan of it.  Bill loves it, though.  These gyros were very good.  So were the pommes.

And so was the souflaki.  

There’s no shortage of decent Greek food in our area.  I can’t believe it took so long for me to discover how good it is…  especially tz’atziki.  We enjoyed a pre and post meal shot of ouzo, too.

I guess this isn’t a bad way to celebrate 51 years…