Health, Sundays

Bill is all gimpy and grumpy today…

We ended up not going out to dinner last night, because yesterday morning, Bill fell while he was walking Noyzi. He turned his ankle. Then he put on shoes and went to work for a couple of hours, which made the pain and his mobility in the ankle worse.

When Bill got home from work, he was complaining about the pain. So I said that maybe we should just stay in so he could rest his ankle. This week is going to be very busy for him at work, and then on Thursday, he’s going on a TDY assignment that will last until the following weekend. He’ll be working nights, which will be hell for him, because he’s very much a day person whose brain goes down with the sun.

I’ll be sitting at home, probably shopping for more stuff to take on our trip or put in the garden…

I just bought a new hairdryer, not for my hair, but for the freezer. Our kitchen has an old fridge and it has to be defrosted. I decided using a hairdryer was the best way to accomplish that goal, since the fridge can’t be easily unplugged, because it‚Äôs built into the wall. And I got a new hairbrush, too, with an olive wood handle and boar hair bristles. It’s taking time to get used to it.

At least it’s sunny and somewhat warm out today. I took Noyzi for a walk and got some pretty new flower pictures for my photo stream. Here are a few for your own amusement. The last three photos are of the creek in our village. I’m glad I can count on my very fastidious neighbors to provide me with some lovely flowers to shoot with my camera. If anything, they’re a reminder that winter is finally over.

Our village is having Maifeuer– a bonfire– tonight in the Mother’s Day Shack on the northern edge of town. They will have sausages and beer on offer, as they light a bonfire, I guess, in honor of Whit Sunday. I might like to attend the event, but Bill says he can’t walk that far… He’s also been feeling guilty about not going to work today. Hello! It’s SUNDAY!!!!

Edited to add: My German friend reminds me that the bonfire wasn’t for Whit Sunday/Monday. It was for Walpurgisnacht… which I had completely forgotten about. You’d think after so many years living here, I wouldn’t forget these holidays. But sometimes, we’re not in town, and we never seem to take part in the festivities. I would have liked to have gone to the bonfire last night, but it was probably better to stay home and drink wine. ūüėČ Today, there’s a picnic going on, as it’s a holiday in Germany… but not for Americans.

I guess it just goes to show you that some Soldiers never really clock out. Bill is always going to have a “mission first” mentality, much to my occasional annoyance. I do appreciate that he has such a strong work ethic, but sometimes it’s a good thing to realize that the world won’t stop if you take a break and rest up. And given the condition of his ankle, that might be a good idea, because he won’t have the chance next weekend.


One week down…

I’ve been quiet on this blog since last week, mainly because I’ve had pretty much next to nothing to write about. ¬†I guess I could have written about last weekend’s wind storm, which blew dangerous winds across Germany and other parts of Europe for several days, but I’m not sure what I would have had to say about it. ¬†I mean, I pretty much holed up in the house for that.

By Tuesday, the winds had died down. ¬†My dogs badly needed a walk, so I took them for a quick one on Tuesday morning. ¬†When I got home, I was confronted with a notice that the GSL delivery guy had tried to drop off a bottle of butterscotch liqueur I ordered from Amazon. ¬†Naturally, he showed up during the 30 minutes all week that I wasn’t in the house. ¬†Murphy’s Law was at work! ¬†To get the liqueur, I’d have to drive to a kiosk in Bierstadt, an area with which I am still sadly unfamiliar, and present my passport and the notice slip within 8 working days. ¬†I suppose I could do it, but I don’t really want to. ¬†The liqueur cost about 15 euros and I’ve been on the wagon all week anyway, so I think I’ll just let them return it. ¬†I’d call them to attempt a redelivery, but I didn’t see that option listed, which, to me, is a real con to using GSL for shipping. ¬†Seriously… I could go and get the liqueur, but what if I couldn’t? ¬†What if I had no way to get to the kiosk? ¬†Seems to me, they should at least attempt one redelivery.

One thing I tend to do when Bill isn’t home is regress to childhood eating habits. ¬†Before I was married, I used to make nice meals for myself in my kitchen. ¬†Now, when Bill is TDY, it’s all I can do to just get through the meal. ¬†So I tend to eat a lot of soups and sandwiches. ¬†This time, I’ve been especially bad. ¬†I actually ordered Kraft Macaroni & Cheese from (rather than going to the commissary to get it). ¬†I was kind of curious to see if it had changed since my college days, which was when I tended to eat it, or a generic equivalent, the most often. ¬†As you can see… it’s the same stuff. ¬†It tastes the same. ¬†And yes, I make better mac & cheese from scratch, but for some reason, this chemically laden crap is, oddly, a comfort.

I bought five boxes because they came in a set. ¬†Once they’re gone, I’ll probably not try it again for another twenty years or so… ¬†If I’m still alive and have teeth. ¬†This stuff is definitely kid friendly and I don’t mind it when I’m feeling like a baby. ¬†I may have to make some from scratch later, now that I’ve learned how to use the oven. ¬†

A couple of shots from one of the balconies, showing the mercurial skies after the windstorm.  The sun was finally making an appearance.  Our view is less enchanting in this house.


I have filled the time reading, and rebuilding my main blog, which I moved to a new address a couple of weeks ago. ¬†I’ve also been watching movies. ¬†Last night, I had a Richard Pryor double feature: The Toy, from 1982, which also starred Jackie Gleason and future porn star, Scott Schwartz, and Critical Condition, from 1987, with Rachel Ticotin, Bob Saget, and Joe Mantegna. ¬†Both were pretty crappy films, although I made up for their crappiness by also watching Children of a Lesser God and Broadcast News,¬†both of which starred William Hurt.

At about 4 o’clock yesterday, the doorbell rang. ¬†I opened it to a man bearing flowers sent by my long suffering husband, Bill, who is enduring overnight work shifts at Grafenwoehr until March 26th. ¬†I am fantasizing about our next “real” vacation that lasts over a weekend, requires airplane travel or even train travel, and doesn’t include our sweet, but demanding dogs. ¬†This morning, I was awakened at 3:00am, 4:55am, and 6:30am by my pooches, who needed to go out to do their business and then demanded to eat. ¬†Bill usually handles them in the wee hours of the morning, because he’s often awake anyway. ¬†When he’s not here, the duty falls to me.

And yet, as wonderful as Bill is to have at home, he sends me flowers when he’s away…


Well, I’ll try to be productive over the next week. ¬†Maybe I’ll come up with a list of travel tips or some other newsy topic that doesn’t actually require any travel. ¬†Eleven days to go until this nightmare TDY is over and spring is here.