A pet friendly Columbus Day weekend in France… part three

I don’t usually try to do a lot of “stuff” when I have my dogs with me on a trip.  They are just now becoming seasoned travelers and still react to other dogs and cats easily.  We usually try to eat in at least one restaurant when we travel with the dogs.  This time, we never did manage to dine out.  I think it was mostly because we used the little kitchenette in the Tower.

On our first night there, Bill and I were too tired to go hunting for dinner.  He went to the grocery store and picked up a roasted chicken and some side vegetables, along with a very nice chocolate dessert.  Naturally, he also bought lots of wine.  Semur En Auxois is in Burgundy, which is a big wine growing region.  Although I had originally wanted to visit Champagne, Burgundy is definitely not a bad place to be if you are an oenophile.  Bill was able to pick up many good bottles at reasonable prices.  Buying wine was one of our missions for this trip.

After we ate dinner, we watched a little French TV and then went to bed.  The next morning, it was bright and sunny outside.  After breakfast, we took the dogs for the first of many long walks!  Louise had told us to follow the disused train tracks near the Tower for a lovely walk that offered views of Semur En Auxois.  Here are some photos from our first look at the town.

A lovely view as we crossed over a viaduct that passes Semur En Auxois.  

A couple more shots.  I had no idea of how pretty our walk would become.


Once we crossed the viaduct, we got off the tracks and walked through a neighborhood that led us down to the river.

At the bottom of the hill…


Charming Pont Pinard.  My next post will have better pictures of it.

A kind man said “Bonjour” as we passed.

That bridge leads to someone’s private property…

A church in the main square, which we reached after climbing some steps.

These little dog stations were everywhere.  I was glad to see them, though not everyone used them.

A view of the tracks across the viaduct.

Semur En Auxois has a very charming downtown area, complete with lots of shops, a few museums, and some restaurants.  Sadly, because we had the dogs with us, we didn’t try any of the restaurants.  It’s not because they weren’t dog friendly, but because our dogs are still learning how to behave.  They’ve gotten much better since we started taking them with us, though.

Our first walk lasted a good solid 90 minutes or so.  That’s more than twice what our dogs usually get, so they were pretty tired.  We had such pretty weather, though, that we decided to have a quick lunch at the Tower and go for a drive.  We proceeded to take two more walks, which I will detail in the next post.


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